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Meet your Roswell Tour Guide, Dennis Balthaser

UFO Researcher, Dennis Balthaser

Since starting my research of the Roswell Incident over 25 years ago, my main objective has always been to obtain what factual information I could and share that information with the public in interviews, lectures or writing editorials. Conducting tours would of course open another source for sharing my research. My first request for a tour was from a young lady from New Zealand. Since then I have guided tours for travelers from England, Australia, Mexico, Canada, Germany, Switzerland and India, in addition to many from within the United States. During the Roswell UFO Tour, at each location I explain the significance of the site and witnesses that were involved in July 1947. I also share information that many people have not heard or read about before, or have not seen in documentaries. The majority of my Tour guests comment afterwards that I provided an insight they had not heard or didn't know before taking the Roswell UFO Tour. The tours are fairly consistent in length, taking approximately 2 hours to complete. Photograph opportunities are available at each location, and I always welcome questions about the sites in order to better inform the tour participants. Unfortunately, several of the structures and buildings no longer exist as they did in 1947; however, with the help of original photos I am able to show what was located at a certain place and explain the significance it had relating to the 1947 UFO incident. Our Roswell UFO Tours are out of this World - over 20 different locations are visited during the tour, including the former homes of several of the first hand witnesses, and a drive by of several of the city's museums. Since Roswell has a rich Old West history, a few of those locations are included, as well as a drive through a portion of the historical district, showcasing the various styles of architecture used in homes years ago. One of the most popular portions of the tour involves driving down to the Roswell Industrial Air Park, known as the Roswell Army Airfield in 1947 when the UFO Incident occurred. Many of the buildings are still there some 60 years later including the World War II aircraft hangar (Building 84) where the alien bodies and debris were allegedly stored until being shipped out to other locations for study. As the Roswell UFO Tour progresses, other information pertinent to the 1947 UFO Incident and Roswell in general is shared with Tour guests, such as the locations of the crash sites, the commercial airline aircraft being stored at the airport, the only "flying saucer" McDonalds restaurant in the world, etc. After booking your Private Tour, you will receive confirmation of your requested date within 24 hours - all Roswell UFO Tours are based on availability and are not guaranteed until you receive confirmation from us. Up to four people are included in the price of $100. Transportation is included in the tour price and tour groups are limited to a maximum of 4 people (including adults and children). For larger groups staying overnight in Roswell at a local hotel, I also offer a relevant lecture for an additional price. Since the time people stay in Roswell varies from a few hours to a few days, the various Museums in town are not included in the tour, but I always recommend that if their time permits, I strongly suggest visiting one or all of the Museums Roswell has to offer. For questions or comments about the Tour, please contact Top Secret Tours

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Dennis Balthaser is a Certified UFO Investigator with MUFON (Mutual UFO Network), and a member of the advisory board for the Great Pyramid of Giza Research Association. Dennis has been featured in over 350 television and radio broadcasts, including: CNN; MTV; SCI-FI; The Today Show; Dateline; Nightline; NBC, ABC, Nightly news; Jeff Rense, Coast to Coast; Discovery Channel; National Geographic; and the History Channel.


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